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From the Bride: My parents owned The Plantation House, a wedding venue in Pflugerville, TX. Growing up watching weddings in my back yard every weekend through my bedroom window since I was 7 years old……. I had an idea of what I wanted, and what I didn’t want in a wedding. When I was younger it didn’t seem so magical, I could never have slumber parties on the weekends and as a teenager, I had to be home at a certain time to help clean up…it was definitely a family business, but when I got older I noticed how powerful and humbling getting to witness a marriage can be. I knew that I wanted that magical moment, over whelming feelings, goosebumps, and the love of my life standing right next to me with flashes of our adventurous future together flooding my mind. I wanted a forever lasting memory that would surpass all other memories I had in that house.

A classic New Year’s Eve party. That’s all we wanted. Sparkle everything! Gold, rose gold, emerald green and a whole lot of love. We both woke up feeling so rested and so ready to make the commitment that gets to last forever. We didn’t have a wedding party, but we didn’t need one. We had all of our best friends and family by our sides the whole night.

Our candle lit wedding ceremony on the front porch of the house I grew up in made us feel like we were the only ones there as 150 of our closest friends and family watched us commit ourselves to one another.  My brother -in-law…that now owns and runs the Plantation House..officiated our beautiful ceremony with such personal details.  My oldest sister sang while we took our very private and personal communion as husband and wife. It was that magical moment I had always wanted. It wasn’t at all the way I had pictured it to be. It was much, much more… it was indescribable!!

It was such a magical night!  Weather was perfect and crisp for Dec. 31st…. the fireplaces were blazing, tents toasty, lights shimmered and glowed, flowers burst in ivories and blush pinks with golden candelabras and vases, chandeliers everywhere, hearty family style Italian dinner, s’mores bar,  hot apple cider, hot chocolate bar and signature merriment kept guests warm and full of laughter…but did I mention the dancing, dancing, dancing! The night ended with party hats, champagne, sparklers and fireworks all around us right on the stroke of MIDNIGHT!

It will be hard to top New Year’s Eve ever again, but we will forever have the PERFECT day that we can call our own. (scroll down for Anna Beth and Jeric’s love story)

Plantation_House_Weddings_Austin-1Plantation_House_Weddings_Austin-2Plantation_House_Weddings_Austin-3Plantation_House_Weddings_Austin-4Plantation_House_Weddings_Austin-5Plantation_House_Weddings_Austin-6Plantation_House_Weddings_Austin-7Plantation_House_Weddings_Austin-8Plantation House Weddings AustinPlantation_House_Weddings_Austin-10Plantation_House_Weddings_Austin-11Plantation House Weddings AustinPlantation_House_Weddings_Austin-13Plantation_House_Weddings_Austin-14Plantation_House_Weddings_Austin-15Plantation_House_Weddings_Austin-16Night wedding at The Plantation House in PflugervillePlantation_House_Weddings_Austin-18Night wedding at The Plantation House in PflugervillePlantation_House_Weddings_Austin-20Plantation_House_Weddings_Austin-21Plantation_House_Weddings_Austin-23Plantation_House_Weddings_Austin-24Plantation_House_Weddings_Austin-25The Plantation House Reception Tent, PflugervillePlantation_House_Weddings_Austin-27Plantation_House_Weddings_Austin-28Plantation_House_Weddings_Austin-29Plantation_House_Weddings_Austin-30Plantation_House_Weddings_Austin-31Plantation_House_Weddings_Austin-32Plantation_House_Weddings_Austin-33Plantation_House_Weddings_Austin-34Plantation_House_Weddings_Austin-35New Year's Eve Wedding at The Plantation House Pflugerville

How and when did you two meet?

In the fall of 2010 we both enrolled into a college science class that would be the beginning to our love story. I walked into the room and Jeric was the only one that caught my eye. He was wearing a button up shirt and a tie, and looked pretty nerdy. So I took my chances and sat across from him, hoping he would be smart and would give me most of the answers to the lab assignments. Of course, I missed the big sign that read “pick up syllabus here”, and Jeric noticed. He slid me his copy and went up to get another one. For the next two weeks we were the best of lab partners. We had so much fun in class and laughed the whole time. Then I dropped the class because even though Jeric was helping me in the lab, I wasn’t getting any better during the tests! When he realized I wasn’t coming back he made it a point to search me out, only to find I wasn’t romantically available. One year went by and he finally found out I was single. He wasted no time, he asked me to dinner, and 20 minutes later we went. It was the best dinner I have ever had, full of laughter and good conversation. We can both say that honestly. We just knew, at that point we didn’t want to be without each other anymore.

How did he propose?

Jeric had planned out my “perfect day”…… coffee, donuts, shopping. We had so much fun all day. He told me we were going to my favorite steak house for dinner so he bought be a new outfit so I could feel pretty. I was so excited! I had been begging him to take me there for weeks! After our long day of fun he took me home so I could get ready and he did the same at his. He picked me up and started driving the wrong way and ended up at one of my favorite places. It’s an area outside of the college I went to that is devoted to a biblical sculpture with eight foot tall angels and a beautiful baptismal named “Jacobs dream”. With God at the center of our relationship Jeric wanted to take me to this peaceful, holy ground. He finally popped the question and I couldn’t have been any happier at that moment. He even had a secret photographer to capture the pure, blissful state we were in. It was so perfect for us! We finally got to the our dinner destination in a quaint little town out side of nowhere and was surprised by my parents and Jeric’s parents to celebrate our new beginning! It was the most perfect day!


Wedding ceremony and reception venue – The Plantation House (Pflegerville, Texas) | Caterer: Culinary Delights | Videographer: PhotoHouse Films | Florist and Designer: Luanna Clara Design | Cake Designer: Simon Lee Bakery | DJ: Live Oak DJ | Invitation: Wondrous Whimsy | Dress: Blush Bridal | Tux: Al’s Formal Wear | Hair and Make up: Organics Salon, Aveda | Day of Coordinator: Amanda Spengler | Staffing: Austin Elite | Dress: Blush Bridal Salon-  Saison Blanche Couture | Shoes: Coach | Tux: Al’s Formal Wear | Wedding Planner: Luanna Clara Design and Day Of-Amanda Markworth w/The Plantation House | Limo: Jaguar with Classic Rides Limo



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