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I have enjoyed every second of Jacqueline and Jason’s engagement session at Old Glory Ranch in Wimberley. Even though we have not met in person before the shoot we had so much fun and it felt like we have been friends for a long time.  I can’t wait to photograph their wedding in less than two weeks. I know it is going to be a great day!


The couple met through an online dating site in November 2012 (see below), but it wasn’t until a romantic camping trip in the Texas Hill Country that Jason dropped to his knee and presented the absolutely unsuspecting Jacqueline with a ring.

NOV 10th, 2012:

Jason: “hey there, I like your profile. The ending is very forceful 🙂  I also like the part about having strong ties to your family… Want to meet up sometime for drinks?”

Jacqueline: “Well hello there!  Meeting up sounds like a possibility”

NOV 23rd, 2012:

Jason: “next Wednesday at 730?”

….. (silence)

NOV 26th, 2012:

Jason: “You still there, cutie? 🙂 “

Jacqueline: “Yes… Sorry. THIS Wednesday?”

Jason: “Yes. Or next, if you can’t this week”

Jacqueline: “OK, this Wednesday will work”

NOV 28th, 2012:

FIRST DATE:  Dinner at Zelko Bistro, Houston Heights

They both order beers, dinner, and just as Jacqueline begins to worry the date is “over” because Jason won’t stop yawning and blames going to the gym for his tiredness, he asks the waiter for the dessert menu and she knows there’s a chance she may want to stick around. He walks her to her car, they hug goodbye, and she looks at her rearview mirror while driving away, as he strolls on to the neighborhood towards his house. Both probably smiling as they part, because they met someone “really special” that night.


Jason had suggested the couple take a break from their daily grind with a hiking adventure and one-night camp out at Colorado Bend State Park followed by a more comfortable night in one of Fredericksburg‘s charming B&Bs.

On arrival in the park, they headed to the appointed campsite, put up the tent, put on their hiking boots and off they went.

The couple had been hiking for a while and both were dusty and sweaty, according to Jacqueline, when they reached the beautiful and beautifully romantic Gorman Falls. There, Jason began his testimonial of lasting love, dropped to one knee and pulled the wedding ring box from beneath the cowboy hat he had been wearing during the hike.

Jacqueline recalls that she began crying, “ugly crying,” and whaling to such an extent that a nearby hiker ran over to see if she was alright. Good timing as the hiker was able to snap a few photos of the happy, despite the tears, couple.

Jacqueline and Jason hiked back to the campsite, spent the night and then hiked again the next morning. While she might have thought that the ring event was the highlight, the romance continued.

When they checked into the B&B in a sexy all-red room, Jason had arranged for a bouquet of red roses with red ribbon on the bedside table and a calligraphy note that read, “My Darling, Thank you for choosing me. May the rest of our years together be as blessed and alive with passion as we are at this moment. All my love, your future husband, Jason.”




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