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I am so excited to share the wedding of the two most handsome grooms, Andrew and John! The couple exchanged personal, emotional vows in a simple outdoor ceremony surrounded by the closest friends and family. Though complete opposites, anyone who meets them will feel the strong and passionate bond that the two share. Enjoy some of my favorite photos from the wedding and read the couple’s love story below.

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  • How did you meet? Andrew and I met through a mutual friend! I was friends with a girl named Potsie and she had invited me to go to his birthday party as her guest. We arrived at a pretty packed house with your typical college party going on. As we were walking through Potsie spotted Andrew and she wanted to wish him a happy birthday and of course introduce me to him. Before the party Potsie had showed me pictures, told me stories, and basically was informing me that we could be a great match potentially. With this being said I was a bit anxious to meet him. We approach Andrew and he is speaking with Potsie and then she introduces me. I shook his hand trying to make eye contact, and that didn’t even happen. I said: “Hello I’m John. Happy Birthday!” I don’t think I got a verbal response at all. I went on and enjoyed the party and by the looks of it Andrew was definitely enjoying his birthday! He was dancing with a couple of very attractive guys that night so the thought of us being a thing was out. He was “talking” to a guy or two at the time.
  • When was your first date, and what was it like? Our first romantic encounter was the very next day. Andrew and a group of his friends had made plans to go laser tagging. Andrew’s roommate, (Potsie’s cousin) invited Potsie and I to laser tag. All I remember was during the maze Andrew and I were ALWAYS near each other somehow. It was cool because out of the group of 10 people we were attracted to each other. He was following me and I think I said something like, “we could be on a team and not shoot each other.” lol you could definitely feel the flirtation tension between us. I believe after laser tag we all went back to Andrew’s house to hang out. That is when we had spent more time together the two of us even though it was in a group setting. That day is when we exchanged phone numbers. I remember telling Potsie that I thought Andrew was really sexy , I just didn’t think we could be a couple. I remember thinking he was too good for me and I was going to see where it went.
  • What attracted you to him/her? Of course, right off the bat I was physically attracted to him. His hair was long and curly, and he literally had the perfect smile. When Potsie showed me pictures I remember saying that it was fake and he was a professional model and she could stop playing games. lol The physical attraction is what led us to spending more time together. Other than physical attraction, what is super attractive is he has such a gentle soul. He is so thoughtful and kind to anything and everything. He loves taking care of things and making them the best they can be. Himself, his animals, his fish tank, his garden, and even me. He genuinely loves anything that means something to him. His personality is very sweet, passionate, emotional, and caring. I cant remember him saying a negative thing about anyone close to him. He always sees the best in people and accepts them for who they are.
  • How did your relationship develop? We were lucky that our relationship developed rather quickly. When meeting Andrew I was currently living in Dallas, TX. I was visiting my family and friends in Wichita, KS over summer when I met him. We had been hanging out all week doing fun things in the city and the weekend had approached and it was time for me to go back to Dallas. At this time I was not working, and I was performing for and Allstar Cheer Squad in Dallas. Andrew had asked me why I had to go back to Dallas. I told him that I had practice Saturday and Sunday. He said what are you doing on Monday, I told him I didn’t do anything except for train during the week days and have mandatory practice Saturday and Sunday. Anyways, it had worked out that we did not want to be away from each other. Andrew had come with me to Dallas or the weekend practice and then went back to Kansas together on Monday to spend the week together. Then the weekend approached and I went back to Dallas Saturday. Wanting to be with Andrew I drove back to Kansas on Monday. Eventually this led to me leaving Dallas and moving in with Andrew. I got a full time job, and then drove to Dallas every weekend for two years for practice. We had moved in together a month in which led us to learn each other’s in and outs, habits, and basically everything about each other.
  • When did you “know” that Andrew was the right person for you? I Knew Andrew was the right person for me, really early on. You could say it was our first kiss, or when he requested to be my boyfriend on Facebook HAHAHAHA! Looking over the past 4.5 years there are many moments when I realize and then reminded that Andrew really is the one for me.
  • When did you first say, “I love you?” We said it within the first month or two. Even though I can’t recall exactly the first time I remember the feeling I had. I also remember falling for him rather quickly.
  • When did you know you wanted to make this lifelong commitment? I knew I wanted to commit my life to Andrew the moment we decided to move to Dallas and build a life. As a 20 year old you have many options to choose when it comes to what you want to do with your life. I couldn’t imagine my life without him after being with him. I just wanted to be the one to be proposed to!
  • Did one of you propose? If so, how? Tell the story!  Andrew proposed to me. It was truly surprising and magical. Andrew and I have always said to each other that we wanted to be proposed to so we never officially knew who was going to propose. I was offered a job to work with Team COSTA RICA. They paid for my entire trip. Costa Rica is a once in a lifetime thing so I knew Andrew had to come along. We were in Costa Rica for 7 days I believe. I worked the first four days and then we vacationed the last three days. The director of team Costa Rica and his employees were our tour guides the entire time. Taking us to all these magical sights, places, and national parks. The last day of vacation we woke up super early for a two hour boat ride to Tortuga island with the group we all ate and enjoyed the beach together. On the island there is a hiking trail we could take to the top of the mountain for the most amazing view. One of the locals asked if we wanted to go. OF course I wanted to hike in Costa Rica! So Andrew, myself, my BEST friend Kareem, and two local guys started our hike. Getting to the top was quite difficult and I wanted to take shorter paths to exit but everyone said it was worth it. When we arrived to the top I was in shock by the view. I was overlooking the ocean with all of the islands. I stood there for a good 3-4 minutes just staring in silence. Then I turn around and BAM Andrew is on his knee with the most perfect ring. He is out of breath, shaking, and you can see the nerves pouring out of his face. I burst into tears and then he burst into tears! We are all crying and we are holding each other in the most magical place I have ever been.
  • What’s something quirky or unique about your relationship? There are many unique things about us. One is that we are COMPLETE opposites. He is very passive and non confrontational and the exact opposite. He loves eating healthy/organic and will eat anything. I love fat foods and I am very picky. Basically we balance each other out quite well.
  • What do you like to do together (keep it rated PG please!)? We like to walk our dogs, cook, watch television, we LOVE to TRAVEL together!! We love to cuddle.
  • How would you describe your relationship? I would describe our relationship everlasting. We both respect each other and we both can feel the upmost love for one another. I have learned that Andrew is the best for me and I believe I am the best for him. We will be together forever. The things that happen along the way are just road bumps we will get over. WE will not waste our energy on tiny little things. We will not waste our time together disagreeing or letting anything negative effect us. Because no matter what we will be together and we will learn together. We are lucky to have found each other at a young age.
  • How do you describe Andrew to people you meet and don’t yet know him/her? What makes you smile when you think about Andrew? Andrew is the sweetest person you will ever meet. I have lived with him for nearly 5 years and I do not comprehend how nice and kind he is. Of course he gets annoyed or frustrated with individuals, but will not say it to them or even me. He loves anything and everything that is valuable to him. He gets excited like a little kid over the things he enjoys and it is the cutest thing ever. He is smart, and super talented. He is a dedicated photographer that has developed an amazing business in a short amount of time. What makes me smile is just the thought of him!
  • What, if anything, do you expect to change about your relationship after this celebration (other than more free time, of course)? I expect for us to continue to grow in all areas. I think taking this step and officially becoming one will open our eyes to what we can accomplish together. I expect us to dedicate every part of each other to one another.
  • What are you most looking forward to about your life together, after this celebration? I am most looking forward to experiencing life with the one I love most. We are both ambitious and want to do many things in life. I am excited to be able to share those moments with him.




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