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Was it fate or divine intervention that brought this couple together? Either way, the chance meeting of Morgan and Zane in a local college pub watching a football game of Texas A & M playing Ole Miss ended in a beautifully done wedding at Villa Antonia two years later.  Ironically, Morgan is a Longhorn alum and Zane is an Aggie but their college rivalry did not impact their romantic love story.  Since Morgan lived in Austin and Zane lived in Houston, they began a long distance romance for a year taking turns making the 2 hr. 35 min. drive each weekend to be together. Finally, Zane planned a very romantic proposal and party at the Becker Vineyards in Fredricksburg, Texas and asked Morgan to be his wife.

Their wedding was flawless. It was a day filled with family, friends, fun and many touching moments that I had as their photographer the privilege of capturing. Their wedding colors were shades of champagne and blush pink, a favorite of Morgan’s, which as you can tell from the photos made for beautiful pictures of their special day. Take a moment to view the wedding photos of this sweet, gorgeous couple. Then take the time to read the bride’s notes to find out why Elvis Presley’s song, “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You,” was used by the couple for their first dance. Enjoy!

How and when did you two meet? When did you know he/she was “the one”?

Zane and I met on November 10, 2018 in College Station. He was in town for a friend’s Aggie ring dunk Friday night. Being a fellow Aggie, he knew this was an important night to celebrate his friend’s accomplishment. I am a Longhorn, but was convinced by some of my girlfriends who went to A&M to come in town for a girls weekend, since the Aggies were playing Ole Miss at home. Zane ended up watching the morning game at a local college bar called The Corner Bar. He was by himself, just killing time before he had to leave town for a friend’s wedding that Saturday afternoon. Meanwhile, my girlfriends and I didn’t have tickets to the game, so we found ourselves walking into that same bar that Saturday morning. I happened to sit next to Zane. He noticed me cheering against A&M, and made a comment to me like, “you didn’t go here, did you?” Then we got to talking as I proudly said, “Nope. I’m actually a Longhorn!” After talking the whole first half, my girl friends were ready to leave suddenly. Zane unfortunately didn’t have a chance to ask for my number as he watched me walk out of that bar, and possibly out of his life for good. I left quite an impression on him to the point where he was telling his friends at the wedding about meeting me that morning. I thought he was a nice guy, but didn’t think much would come of our meeting. 

He reached out to me on social media, so we chatted casually for two months. Neither of us really thought it could work between us since I was living in Houston and he was in Austin. Around New Year’s he called me and said he was coming to Houston to take me on a date! That’s when our relationship began, where one of us drove 2 hrs & 35 minutes to see the other for an entire year. We knew there was something extremely special about what we had after that first date in Houston on January 19, 2019. 

Do you have a super romantic proposal story or engagement memory?

Zane took me to Fredericksburg, TX for my birthday. He surprised me by renting a quaint, romantic cabin for two in the Hill Country. Saturday afternoon we planned a picnic at our favorite Fredericksburg winery, Becker Vinyards. We picked a shaded spot under a huge tree, a little ways away from all the people. Drinking wine and playing cards, I was lost in the competition, when all of a sudden he got up to get down on one knee. Immediately after he proposed, I noticed all of our family members came out from their hiding places around the vineyard to celebrate with us! He even invited my friend who’s an aspiring photographer to capture the moment. We spent a few hours celebrating with our families and good wine – they had been there all weekend too, and I had no idea. Later everyone departed, suggesting we’d meet for dinner at Zane’s family friend’s lake house just a few minutes away. We arrived, and walked inside where Zane planned a surprise engagement party for us! We had all of our close friends drive into town to celebrate us – about 40 people! It turned into a day and night I would never forget! 

Tell us about your wedding style. When you sat down to really figure out how your dream wedding would look, did you start with one central color, a palette of colors, or a theme that served as your inspiration?
I knew I wanted my wedding style to be representative of me. Therefore, I knew instantly I wanted to incorporate champagne and blush pink – I’ve always been a pink girl. Additionally, I love the summer season and tropical places, so I incorporated leafy tropical palms and plants into the florals. Overall Villa Antonia already brings such an atmosphere of enchantment and beauty. This was exactly the foundational feel I wanted my guests to have. All I really did was add some blush, champagne and tropical-traditional florals as added ambiance. I didn’t want to go over the top with decor, because I knew it could come effortlessly if we just leveraged the venue well, and highlighted it’s best features. 
What did you enjoy most about the process of planning your wedding?
I enjoyed working with talented vendors that caught my vision and made it come to life.
Looking back, was there a really special moment that you remember from your wedding that stands out as the most magical?
I do have a sweet memory of Zane and I taking our final photos on the top of the bell tower at sunset. We were on cloud-9 about officially becoming husband and wife, and the heat of the day plus being in the spotlight for so long contributed to us feeling beautifully drained. At this moment we got the chance to sit down, and rest on each other for some photos. I believe this was the moment we were most at peace and at home with one another – taking it all in and enjoying the comfort of our marriage.
Did you have a special song that you danced to as your first dance? How did you choose it?
Yes, we danced to Elvis Presley’s song “Can’t help Falling in Love with You.” This was significant because when I was still very single, I prayed to God about my desire to be married. It was a prayer from a place of doubting that I could ever have my dream. This song happened to play in the background and through a still whisper I felt the words “You will dance with your husband to this on your wedding day.” I took this this to heart, being the religious person that I am, and told Zane about it when we were engaged. He loved the song and the story and the rest is history! 
Do you have any tips for couples planning their wedding?
Be patient with each other and plan your wedding for you, not anyone else! Nothing will be as perfect as you’re thinking, but there is beauty in the imperfection. Also, hire Svetlana to make your Austin wedding photography dreams come true!
What are your day jobs/hobbies?
Zane is an Account Manager for a software company that supports school athletics throughout the country. I am in Human Resources for PricewaterhouseCoopers. We love to try new restaurants, travel, walk the trails around Austin and watch College and NFL football!
Ceremony and Reception: Villa Antonia
Planner/Coordinator: Chris Spady that came with the venue
Officiant: Mac Mascorro
Ring: Diamonds Direct
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell from Nordstrom
Tux: Black Tux Rentals
Florist: Visual Lyrics
DJ, Videographer, Lighting: Hill Country DJ
Caterer: RedBook Chef
Photographer: Svetlana Photography
Videographer: Hill Country DJ
Invitation: Charles W. Leigh III with Embossed Graphics of Texas
Hair &Makeup: Lux Beauty & Bridal
Transportation/Getaway Car: Around Austin


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