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Please meet Blaine, my friend and a dating coach for men based in Austin, Texas. And, by that, I mean she is an absolute wealth of knowledge and wisdom for single men (and, frankly, women too), helping those in the market for love to attract partners they’re excited about. But don’t just listen to me–go check it out at @datingbyblaine(https://www.instagram.com/datingbyblaine/) to see for yourself! I had the fortuitous opportunity of meeting Blaine when we connected over plants, and right away, I knew she was something special. We’ve collaborated on photos for her business, as well as dating app photos for her clients, and I wanted to share a quick Q&A we did about both!

I’d love for you to meet Paige and Luke, an adventure-loving couple who met on Semester at Sea in 2014! I had the honor and privilege of helping them capture their elegant wedding at Villa Antonia in Austin, TX, which was just the right choice for them with its stunning views of Texas Hill Country and larger-than-life setting.

There is no such thing as the end of motherhood.

“I was thinking we could do sort of a dress-up with my girls.” This came from Anne Elizabeth, a devoted mother to two fully grown, adult women who would be coming to visit her in the heart of Austin. One lives in another state, the other in another country–both completely independent and brilliant humans all on their own.

True love often unexpectedly has a way of finding us when we aren’t looking for it. That was the case of the chance meeting between Megan and Ajeet at a business fraternity gathering her senior year in college. The attraction between them was immediate and ended several years later in a beautiful wedding ceremony at Canyonwood Ridge in Dripping Springs, Just outside Austin, Texas. As the wedding pictures showcase, this couple planned a wedding filled with unique details that made their wedding day so special. Enjoy these amazing photos and see if you can find any of the small details that made their wedding day a moment in time they will always remember.

Love is built like Rome–not in a day. Just ask Rachael and Caleb, two of the sweetest newlyweds I had the greatest pleasure of working with for their wedding. Their story reads like a romance novel; actually, maybe more like a novella (and without the crazy drama). But, here’s the short-story version.

The chance meeting of my wedding clients, Nelson and Alison, could easily have been scripted as the beginning of a romantic comedy. Fate brought them together on that day in October, 2019 and ended with their beautiful wedding two years later

How adorable is this little family! I photographed this mom and dad’s vibrant Indian fusion wedding a few years ago at Villa Antonia just outside Austin (see it here) and since then we stayed in touch.

Personal Branding Photography is exactly what it sounds like, photography for your brand that visually communicates who you are and the services you provide in an authentic, intentional, and relaxed way.

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