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Brittany and Gregory had the most magical of weddings at The Vista on Seward Hill. It was a day filled with an overwhelming aura of romance and deep love. Take a moment to peek at the photos of this very emotional wedding and read this young couple’s sweet love story.

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The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-1The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-2The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-3The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-4The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-5The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-6The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-7The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-8The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-9The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-10From the bride: “My favorite personal touch would be my grandma’s wedding rings wrapped around my bouquet. She is in Heaven and by having her rings tied onto my bouquet, something that is in my hand majority of the night, I felt as if she was there holding my hand, in her own special way.”The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-11The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-12The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-13The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-14The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-15The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-16The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-17The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-18The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-19The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-20The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-21The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-22The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-23The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-24The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-25The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-26The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-27The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-28The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-29The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-30The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-31The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-32The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-33The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-34The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-35The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-36The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-37The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-38The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-39The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-40The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-41The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-42The sweetest moment exchanged between the bride and her younger brotherThe_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-43The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-44The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-45The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-46The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-47The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-48The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-49The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-50The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-51The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-52The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-53The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-54The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-55The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-56The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-57The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-58The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-59The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-60The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-61The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-62The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-63The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-64The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-65The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-66The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-67The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-68The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-69The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-70The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-71The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-72

How and when did you two meet?

We met and started dating in the summer of 2010. I was 16 and about to start my junior year in high school and Gregory was 19 and in the United States Marine Corp. We grew up in the same small town in FL and, oddly enough, never knew of each other. But with mutual friends from the same town who were also in the Marine Corp with Gregory, we met and instantly hit it off. We had such great chemistry from the beginning. Greg was out of town most of the time due to his job, so we’d talk on the phone every day for hours, conversation never falling short. We spoke on the phone every night for two months and in September 2010, we met face to face while Gregory was on leave and from that moment on, we were inseparable.

What made you fall for each other?

(Brittany) Falling for him wasn’t hard! He’s so sweet and gentle and we have an emotional bond words can’t explain. He’s laid back and goes with the flow and I’m the opposite, so we balance each other out so well. Many people doubted it would ever last because of our age difference and being so young, but we knew a good thing when we saw it and felt it.

(Gregory) What made me fall for her was her life view and her infinite compassion. She had, and still has, the mentality of constant advancement without cutting anyone else down, as well as will give a complete stranger her last dollar if they seem in need of it. Everything she does, she does it with her whole heart and mind working in sync, always considerate of others’ feelings and wellbeing. She is the sweetest person with the outgoingness of a true adventurer, willing to try anything life has to offer.

How did he propose?

One of my best friends and later bridesmaid, flew in from Florida for the weekend. My parents had moved into their new home two weeks prior and were having a “house warming party.” They had tons of friends and family there with lots of food, drinks and dancing. It was around 10:00 pm when my dad brought everyone outside to have a “thank you” toast for everyone being there. After the toast, a bottle of champagne was about to be popped open when my dad said “Greg” in a low toned voice. So I looked at them in confusion, turning to my best friend and my sisters. As I looked at them, I saw a box being pulled out and it hit me! My words were “shut the hell up!” LOL. I was in such shock! Gregory then pulled me to the middle of the toast and got down on one knee. It was perfect and so unexpected.

About the wedding

I’m an old soul who is very into my roots and nationality, so european vintage romance was the perfect fit for our perfect day.

Gregory left the decorating up to me. So if you ask anyone who knows me, they’ll tell you I’m spontaneous with a wild personality. So I wanted nothing at my wedding to look “put together perfectly” or princess-like. I wanted all my floral to look wild, the plates, linens and decor eclectic and different. I wanted the bridesmaids to look Roman-like and relaxed. Not like we tried so hard to be “perfect”. A lot of time went into pulling the theme together and still keeping it very personal.

I got a lot of inspiration from Pinterest and would pin ideas that I loved and add my own twist to it. For the most part, I knew exactly what I wanted and having a love for decor, I let my imagination run with it.

I became a regular at the Antique Mall in New Braunfels, Michael’s Craft Store, where I purchased more decor than any other place, and Kirkland’s. I tried to keep the DIY minimal because I didn’t want to add more to my plate than there already was. So I DIY’ed the signs needed for the cards and gifts, bar menu, send off, etc. by writing out the sign needed (first practicing my best handwriting) and then decorating them with Gregory’s grandmothers costume jewelry. I used her earrings, necklaces, and brooches as decorations for those. That was a very personal touch, including her in our day since she is now in Heaven.

But my favorite personal touch would be my grandma’s wedding rings wrapped around my bouquet. She too is in Heaven and by having her rings tied onto my bouquet, something that is in my hand majority of the night, I felt as if she was there holding my hand, in her own special way.

One word that describes our day perfectly would be magical. Not “princess” magical but magical in the sense that there was an overwhelming aura of romance and deep love. It was perfect and the energy was beyond what words can describe. Our day was everything and more!

What are your day jobs/hobbies?

I am currently a full time caregiver and a full time student pursuing a Nursing degree. Gregory is a public insurance adjuster/home estimator.

We are both big food lovers and will travel any distance for a good meal! We enjoy outdoor activities with our fur baby, Gemma, road trips and spontaneous adventures.

Do you have any tips for couples planning their wedding?

Whether your budget is big or small, the number one thing you should splurge on is your photographer! After all your hard work and your day is passed, the only thing you’ll have left to relive your day are the photographs. So make sure you pick someone who you connect with and feel comfortable with.

Gregory and I, our families and all of our guests are BEYOND ecstatic and pleased with our photos from Svetlana Photography. She captured every single moment so perfectly and you could literally feel the emotion in every picture. Looking at them I get the same emotions and butterflies in my stomach as I did that day, because looking at them captures the moment perfectly.

My second piece of advice would be to stay calm! Everything will work out perfectly! Don’t worry about missing a detail because with or without it, the day still goes on.

This is an emotional process but all worth it!

Ceremony and Reception: The Vista on Seward Hill | Florist: Flora Fetish | DJ: Anthony Fernandez | Caterer: Crave Catering | Cake: Simon Lee Bakery  | Photographer: Svetlana Photography  | Officiant:Robert Burton with The Knot Tyer | Invitation: Wedding Paper Divas  | Wedding Coordinator: Events by Decisions, Tracy Collins | Getaway Vintage Car: 4 Leaf  Limo | Hair and Makeup: Lucie Marie | Chandeliers and Lighting: Austin Event Lighting | Ring: Jared’s Galleria of Jewelry | Dress: Davids Bridal | Shoes: Blue by Betsy Johnson | Tux: Groom’s – Express; Wedding Party – The Black Tux 




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