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As I reflect over 2015, I have to say, it was the best, as well as, the busiest year for me both personally and professionally.

Personally, I added to my household two new kitties and a husband! After photographing the many, many brides over the years, I was the one being photographed. I got married to the love of my life! Ironically, I met him at one of the weddings I shot a few years ago. He was the guy who caught the garter that night and I still smile when I look at the picture I took of him catching it and looking straight into my camera with a huge grin on his face!

Being on the other side of the camera gave me a completely different perspective of what couples go through planning a wedding and on the day of the wedding and I believe I am a better photographer because of that.

Professionally, 2015 has been my busiest year as my business continues to grow.  Besides all the amazing couples I met and whose engagements and weddings I photographed, my work has been published in several different online and print venues. A huge highlight for me was one of my photos being featured on the cover of Austin Wedding Day Magazine. Take a peek!

Of all my professional accomplishments from this past year, the one I am most proud of is that Svetlana Photography was recognized as a Platinum Business Leader by the Austin Sustainability Office, a huge honor that reinforces all of my efforts to protect the environment.

I also have had the opportunity to lend my expertise in photography to several non-profits in Austin as I helped sponsor through my photography Austin Pets Alive and Keep Austin Beautiful. Being able to give back to the community that has been so good to me is very rewarding.

As I look forward to what 2016 has in store for me and my business, I am committing myself to work hard to ensure that all of my couples have a wonderful experience! Enjoy a collection of some of my favorite images from 2015 below. To my 2015 brides and grooms, I say “thank you,” for letting me part of your special day!

Svetlana_Photography_2015-1Cinzia + Dominick @ Villa Antonia (blog coming soon)Svetlana_Photography_2015-2Svetlana_Photography_2015-3Svetlana_Photography_2015-4Svetlana_Photography_2015-5Styled shoot at Villa St Clair | Flowers: Villa St ClairSvetlana_Photography_2015-6Natalie and Seth had the most romantic spring wedding at Becker Vineyards | Full blog hereSvetlana_Photography_2015-9The sweetest wedding ceremony with just the bride and groom and their adorable two year old son @ 4.0 Cellars | Full blog hereSvetlana_Photography_2015-10Svetlana_Photography_2015-11Svetlana_Photography_2015-12Svetlana_Photography_2015-13Megan + Zane at Branded T Ranch  | Wedding Coordinator: Kristen Girard with Day Maker EventsSvetlana_Photography_2015-14Jacqueline + Jason @ Old Glory Ranch in Wimberley | Full Blog here

Jacqueline + Jason @ Old Glory Ranch in Wimberley | The possibility of rain is always something that brides and vendors know can alter the planned wedding event but no one could have predicted the extreme conditions that we faced on Saturday, May 23rd. Despite the pouring rain, winds, rising waters, loss of power and tornado alerts sounding, the beauty and laughter of the evening was not lost.  Check out this article in Houston Chronicle ‘Wimberley Flood Tests Houston Couple’ Svetlana_Photography_2015-7Svetlana_Photography_2015-17Roxi + Jeff Engagement |Full blog hereBarr_Mansion_Wedding_Austin-8Svetlana_Photography_2015-18Ashley + Jeff @ Barr Mansion | Floral: STEMS | See full blog here
Svetlana_Photography_2015-20Svetlana_Photography_2015-19Danielle’s Bridal Portraits at Villa Antonia | Bridal Bouquet: The Flower StudioSvetlana_Photography_2015-21Krysten + Christopher @ Villa AntoniaSvetlana_Photography_2015-22Two months before their wedding Audrey and Travis realized they went to the same daycare and even found a photo that they displayed at the wedding reception. I LOVE stories like that!Svetlana_Photography_2015-23Styled Shoot at Villa St ClairSvetlana_Photography_2015-24Venue: Villa St ClairSvetlana_Photography_2015-25Svetlana_Photography_2015-26Bridal Portraits at Camp Lucy | Full blog here
Svetlana_Photography_2015-27Svetlana_Photography_2015-28Svetlana_Photography_2015-29Svetlana_Photography_2015-30Svetlana_Photography_2015-31Lindsay + Darrell at Vista on Seward Hill | Floral: Flora FetishSvetlana_Photography_2015-32Svetlana_Photography_2015-35Svetlana_Photography_2015-36Sonja + Allan @ Becker VineyardSvetlana_Photography_2015-38Emily + Jose @ Horseshoe Bay Resort

The_Vista_On_Seward_Hill_Wedding-1Brittany + Gregory @ Vista On Seward Hill | Floral: Flora Fetish | Full blog hereSvetlana_Photography_2015-39Svetlana_Photography_2015-40Svetlana_Photography_2015-41I love that you can see friends and family through the window as the happy couple departs in their vintage car from 4 Leaf LimoSvetlana_Photography_2015-42Svetlana_Photography_2015-43Svetlana_Photography_2015-44Frances + RJ @ Villa Antonia (blog coming soon)
Svetlana_Photography_2015-45Svetlana_Photography_2015-46Katie + Tim @ Wildflower Center (blog coming soon)Svetlana_Photography_2015-47Jason + Stephanie – 10 year wedding anniversary photo shootSvetlana_Photography_2015-48Boudoir_Svetlana_Photography-2016-1-2Clare + Chloe @ 4.0 Cellars (blog coming soon)
Svetlana_Photography_2015-49Svetlana_Photography_2015-50Svetlana_Photography_2015-51Svetlana_Photography_2015-52Kori + Michael @ Villa Del Lago | Wedding Coordinator: Pearl Events | Full blog hereSvetlana_Photography_2015-53Svetlana_Photography_2015-54Svetlana_Photography_2015-55Svetlana_Photography_2015-56Sarah + Toby @ The Allan House | Wedding coordinator Lindsay with In Her Shoes Svetlana_Photography_2015-57Svetlana_Photography_2015-58Svetlana_Photography_2015-59When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. And this is a perfect example of this! Just a different perspective of the same couple under the same tree 🙂Svetlana_Photography_2015-60Svetlana_Photography_2015-61Svetlana_Photography_2015-62Villa Antonia | Furniture: Visual LyricsSvetlana_Photography_2015-63Svetlana_Photography_2015-64Svetlana_Photography_2015-65Svetlana_Photography_2015-66Svetlana_Photography_2015-67Erin + Luke at Vista on Seward HillSvetlana_Photography_2015-69Annette + Alix @ The Terrace at SaladoSvetlana_Photography_2015-70Svetlana_Photography_2015-71Emotional first look with the father @ Villa Antonia
Svetlana_Photography_2015-72Rachel + Christopher @ Hummingbird HouseSvetlana_Photography_2015-73Svetlana_Photography_2015-74Svetlana_Photography_2015-75Svetlana_Photography_2015-76Patti + Nick @ Star Hill Ranch | Full blog hereSvetlana_Photography_2015-77Summer + Brad @ Zedler Mill Pavillion in Luling. This was a very special wedding for me because I was the wedding photographer at this beautiful bride’s mother’s wedding a few years ago!
Svetlana_Photography_2015-78Whitney + Reilly @ Villa AntoniaSvetlana_Photography_2015-80Svetlana_Photography_2015-81I LOVE doing boudoir photo shoots and I am so lucky that a few of my brides trusted me to take these beautiful photos of them, the most perfect wedding day gift from a bride to her groom! Click here for my BOUDOIR collectionSvetlana_Photography_2015-84Boudoir_Svetlana_Photography-2016-1-1



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